Looking for La Concha

Every day when I drive to and from work I see this mountain. The La Concha (seashell).

La Concha (seashell) Mountain, Andalucia, Spain.Today, my friend and I decided to walk up that mountain.

We knew where to start, but that was about it. And as it turned out, it wasn’t enough! We didn’t get to get up to La Concha, but we did get to the top of two other mountains. It was a 4 hour walk and every time we had to “climb” up I noticed how fit I am NOT. Still, it was a lot of fun and next week we’ll definitely make it to the top of La Concha (which should be much easier when we ignore the other mountains and don’t go up all of them ;)).

The mountains we went to the top of were Juanar and Salto del Lobo (I think).

At the beginning of the trail. With the Cruz de Juanar right in front of us.

We were on the right track!

The view from the top of Cruz de Juanar

See that white top in above picture? That’s Sierra Nevada! I went snowboarding there a couple of weeks ago!

Picture time!

They have a big cross on top of the mountain. There is a legend that says that a fishing boat got lost in a thick fog, they had no idea in which direction to head towards the beach. The fog cleared for a second and one of the men saw the tip of the Juanar mountain. This saved their lives as they managed to head home. In gratitude they planted a big black steel cross up on top of the Juanar mountain and therefore it is known as the “Cross of Juanar”. There is a pilgrimage up there once a year and mass is said under the cross.

Cross of Juanar

Murphy on top of the second mountain (Salto del Lobo??). He was a bit tired XD

This is where we decided to head back. As the farthest top is the La Concha one and we figured we wouldn’t make it there and back before it would get dark.

La Concha! We found you! And next time we will climb you!

The trail we were supposed to walk

(Details of the trail can be found here!)

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  1. jaap says:

    graag meer van dit soort reportages,uiteraard met foto,s

    ik benijd je ,maar gun het je van harte.

    mvg jaap

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