Crossing Borders

After coming back from a holiday to Hungary last weekend I realized something. I realized that we’re only halfway through the year and I’ve already been in five different countries in 2013. That is a bit crazy if you ask me. Crazy wonderful. But still, a bit crazy.

It makes me think too. That some people can have more money than they can spend, yet they will never feel rich. And some people, like me, never have much money on their savings account at all but feel like the richest person in the world.

When I think about all the things I can do I really do feel rich. I have so much freedom and possibilities in my life. I’m very thankful for that.

The freedom to travel is one of them. I have never traveled very far (yet), but five countries in six months is quite impressive if you ask me.

1. London
In March I went to London together with Anita. We stayed at Shin and Maciek’s place. Which was awesome as always! We didn’t do much sightseeing, but had a lot of coffees and nice food. We walked around in the freezing cold a lot, went to stand up comedy in The Comedy Club and saw the musical Wicked! We also spent some time in the gym haha.

2. The Netherlands
Home sweet home. I went to Holland for a couple of days to go to a Pink concert with some friends. I managed to squeeze in a spinning marathon as well :D. Unfortunately I didn’t plan this trip very well though, as my parents went to Spain during the same time, because it was Jayden’s birthday on the Saturday that I flew back. Very dumb move from me. But it was still nice to see my friends and have some good times in Holanda.

3. Norway
Noruega! That was a bit of an unexpected trip. Anita, who has become my best friend here in Spain and also my flatmate, is from Norway. She moved back to Norway now and because the flight prices were so cheap (5o euros for a return flight!!) I decided to visit for a couple of days. It was very nice to be there. We did a run in Oslo, went for a little boattrip with her father, I got to shoot a gun for the first time in my life, had some nice and not so nice Norwegian dishes and had an overall good time. The last day we hiked up to Gaustatoppen, which was absolutely beautiful. I was only in Norge for 2 full days and 2 half days and that was definitely not enough time, so I’ll definitely be going back!

4. Hungary
Hungary! Finally I got to go there again. I hadn’t been there for two years so it was nice to be able to go and just spend a week with my parents. Bukkszentmarton is still the same nice old village with the same nice people. It was lovely to be back. Unfortunately I didn’t have the best of weather. A lot of rain. Especially when I went horse back riding. We got surprised by a huge thunderstorm and got soaked through and through, which cut our ride short. It was still nice for how long it lasted though. I should definitely go horse riding more often. I also went for a long bike ride of 30km one day. I never really biked for fun, but I really loved it. Especially because the surroundings there are so nice. On the last day we hiked to the top of the Belko, which is the not so high but very impressive looking mountain that we can see from our village.

5. Spain
Of course! Viva Espana! Living here for 15 months now and loving it more and more. I never expected to have such a good time here. But life here is beautiful. Work is still good (been working there for a year already!) and I’ve found my own friends and life here. It’s living in a holiday feeling every day. I still don’t think I’ll be here forever (it’s a strange feeling, because why?), but for the near future I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon ;).

So.. what’s next? I still have to go to one country I’ve never been to, to check off my new years resolution. It’s going to have to be one nearby though, because I think I’m running out of vacation days!! I’ll make another trip to The Netherlands in September. But for now I’m just going to enjoy the summertime in Spain. Because honestly, in summer, there is no better place to be than right here.

Hasta luego!

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  1. Linda says:

    Why is my names spelled out in rocks? Did you miss me :P

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